Individual Therapy for Addiction in Franklin, TN

Individual therapy for addiction being provided in Franklin, TN

Individual therapy for addiction being provided in Franklin, TN


People need a place where they can unload, put all puzzle pieces on the table and sort through them without feeling shame or judged. I think it is easy to believe that everyone has their life together perfectly. But that's just not the case. This is a place where you don't have to "have it all together".


While people seek therapy for so many different reasons, often the underlining issues are very similar; feeling of low or no self-worth, depressed, anxious, loneliness, feelings of not belonging, not being known, lack of community, etc.  Together, as we begin to look deeper, we will work to find relief at the root of what you are facing.


By the time someone comes to my office they typically will have a good arsenal of avoidance mechanisms which help them to not feel, or avoid feeling, the pain in their life.  Avoidance mechanisms can vary from food, over-working, alcohol, drugs, porn, as well as binging watching a television series, video gaming, and shopping; anything to avoid feeling the hurt and loneliness.  It may feel good in the moment, but so often is only a temporary relief until we are once again faced with the reality of our circumstances.


When we continue to go back to our avoidance mechanisms, and suppress our pain and hurt in life, these mechanisms stand the chance of becoming an addiction.   These mechanisms may help us to feel some kind of relief in the moment, but in the end they are setting us up for more pain, hurt, and shame.  


You don't have to do this alone. Together we will look at your life, your goals, and what has been holding you back.  Together we will step into the places of hurt and confusion, avoidance, and addiction.  Together we will work at combating loneliness by looking at the landscape of your life, and strive to reinforce or build safe community around you for support.  We all need community. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert by nature, we were built for community.  

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