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For Better or For Worse

When the Man You Married Struggles with Unwanted Homosexuality

For the man who struggles with unwanted homosexuality the important decision at hand is when to disclose this part of his story to his girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. The ideal time to discuss his issues with unwanted homosexuality would be before the wedding vows are spoken.

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Teenage Unwanted Same-sex Attraction (SSA)

A Parent’s Guide to the Birds, the Bees and Beyond

The phone rings and it is a parent (usually the mother) calling to set up a consult regarding her teenage son having unwanted same-sex attraction. “My son thinks he’s gay but doesn’t want to be, and we don’t know what to do to help him.” After a brief conversation, the mother agrees that she and her husband will make an appointment to meet with me.

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Reparative Therapy

If It’s not Broke, then Don’t Fix it

Reparative Therapy is one therapeutic approach taken with men who struggle with unwanted homosexuality or unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). The particular clients who seek Reparative Therapy are men who have self-determined to work on diminishing these unwanted same-sex attractions in order that they might feel more whole as men.

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