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Slaying Your Giants

If You Don’t Face Your Giant, You Don’t Know Jack   I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed that I had to wait an extra year for the release of Jack The Giant Slayer.  However, I was not disappointed with the final product.  Most think this age old story a simple fairy tale handed down now [...]

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The Dwarfs Are For The Dwarfs

Defense Against Defensive Detachment To be detached from others is to believe such things as one is not good enough, one doesn’t belong, is not lovable, not cared for, doesn’t know how to connect with others, and the list goes on.  It is a sad state of being that many in our day find themselves [...]

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The Poor Sin You Will Always Have With You

Body, Soul (Psyche) and Spirit In regards to the subject of homosexuality or unwanted same sex attraction (SSA) I am often asked the question, by clergy and parents, “What about the sin?”.   While the question comes from wonderful hearts of concern and only wanting the best for their congregants and children, it can easily [...]

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