World of Wonderful – Don’t Miss IT!

Unless you become like a little child…

Earlier this week I met up with my good friend Dave to hike around beautiful Radnor Lake, a Tennessee state park and protected natural habitat.  It was a crisp, cool February day with the sun shinning and many of our city neighbors out with the same idea in mind.

While walking and talking, Dave suddenly stopped and, with great wonderment, pointed out the small group of deer gathering and feeding off to the side of the trail (at least ten).  We stood and enjoyed them for a few minutes.  A little further down the path Dave again stopped suddenly to point out the wild turkeys that were also feeding off the path.  The conversation came to a halt and his face lit up with genuine excitement at these beautiful creatures.  Onward we marched only to be halted once more by a single red cardinal with its bright color contrasting against the dead leaves and undergrowth. Dave pointed it out to me with great appreciation.

With each stop I became more and more reminded at just how easy it to miss these wonderful creations surrounding me, allowing them to become common place in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  For me it was a great reminder to slow down, take a breath and remember that I, Thaddeus Heffner, have a spirit and soul that needs refreshing, and not just a body that needs a good workout on a hike.  It also made me think of the beauty that I am surrounded by every day that I take for granted.

I recall a show I once saw where the protagonist says to God, “Show me a miracle”. God points to a tree near by. The protagonist quips back, “That’s a tree, not a miracle”, to which God gently replies, “I’d like to see you make one”.

In this ever rushing forward, fast paced world of smart phones, texting, and i-everything, let’s remember to slow down, breathe in some fresh air and realize that we might be missing some of the greatest things in life just off the trail to our right.  Thanks for the reminder Dave.

Posted by Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT – February 6, 2013


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