“Oh, To Be Alive In Such An Age…”

Looking Back?  Looking Ahead?  Or Living Now?

New Years Day: A day for looking back and remembering and a day for looking ahead, planning to do things different, better.  It is a chance to once again draw the proverbial line in the sand and believe that we can be more than ever before.  We become resolute in reaching new heights, expanding ourselves, and hopefully making the world a better place than the year before.

The month of January derives its name from the ancient god Janus, a two faced god with one face looking backward and one looking forward.  While wisdom can be found in 20/20 hindsight, and certainly planning ahead is always a good idea, how often do we lose the momentum of this moment?  Instead of being present, now, how frequently do we have one foot in the past or one in the future, and we end up pissing all over our present?

The poet, Walt Whitman wrote, “Oh to be alive in such an age, when  miracles are everywhere, and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy of greater marvels yet to be”.   Don’t miss it.  The only way to become aware of “greater marvels yet to be” (future) is to be present “when miracles are everywhere” now!

Miracles present now: to be able to walk, talk, take another’s hand, feel emotion, see, hear, touch, love, express, sleep, wake, embrace.  To see and experience life around us, to love those near to us, are among the greatest miracles we miss the most.  And they are right in front of us everyday!

“To be alive in such an age, when miracles are everywhere…”  In making your New Years Resolutions, and making well laid plans for 2013, don’t step so far out of this present moment that you miss the miracle of now!  Happy New Year! G-d’s Blessings!

Posted by Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT – January 1, 2013


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